About Azul

1947971_10152011936858295_2025673517_nAzul Arco Iris is an artist and healer who facilitates transformation for people through creative play, energy work and spiritual guidance to cultivate more joy and peace in their lives. Azul holds a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School in New York City where she studied media production and performance and has worked guiding university students at both The New School and Cooper Union School of Art. In addition to her diverse background the visual and performing arts, Azul has been a student of spirituality for most of her life. Her study of reiki, yoga, Christianity, Native American practices, shamanism, tarot, gods and goddesses, angels, intuition, sound healing and crystals all inform her unique approach to healing and to life. Azul incorporates both her background in the visual arts and different healing modalities into her work with individuals and groups.

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Azul offers Life Coaching + Healing Sessions which are done via Google Hangout video chat with payment via PayPal. It’s easy! You will receive instructions on how to do it.


With Azul I feel seen and heard in the most loving and nonjudgmental way. She can see beneath the surface about what’s really going on and offer concrete suggestions. She’s highly intuitive, very articulate, loving and insightful. Result is that people are able to process the really deep things that are holding them back. The way she holds space allows healing for me to squeeze out all the pus so I can move forward. She’s a healer.

- E. P. Financial Coach, Saugerties, NY

When I fell and sprained my wrist I was in intense pain. I am a strong believer in spiritual healing, and when I think of a gifted healer Azul comes to mind. I was amazed by the transformational healing she was able to do from a distance on my wrist. I could feel a swirling sensation and a calm came over my entire physical body as soon as the session started. After each session Azul provided a recording with detailed description of her fascinating journey. Every session resulted in transformational healing in my wrist. Azul’s caring brilliant spiritual work on my wrist enabled me to start doing gentle exercises much sooner than I expected. After just three sessions my pain has greatly diminished. Azul is nothing less than a brilliant gifted healer and her distance reiki services were truly miraculous.

- R. R. Personal Trainer, New York, NY

Azul Arco Iris is a healer. Period. She is empathic, sensitive and intuitive. I booked a Reiki session with Azul and experienced a healing relaxation like I never had before (and I have received Reiki quite often over the years from multiple practitioners). But Azul incorporates other healing modalities into her healing sessions in addition to the Reiki. She utilized sound, chanting and crystals, offered pre and post session counseling to better understand my needs and intuit her approach. And to top it all off she even blessed a new laptop bag I had just purchased and infused it with her positive, healing spirit. Thank you Azul! Can’t wait for another session!

- R. S. Musician, Austin, TX

She listens to the ancestors and the ancients and the spirit beings. She takes the time and the space to let their healing energy move through into the seeker of aid. She holds the space for the natural rituals of magic to transform the energy and the healing to occur. She comforts the seeker and holds them with her energy. She listens and transmits medicine words for the seeker to carry into their days and weeks after the ritual session. She is there to celebrate with the recipient after the session comes to a close there is a release and a thanksgiving and a hurrah! The day continues with the recipient-seeker refreshed and firmly on solid ground. Hallelujah! Praise be to all our teachers and spirit guides.

- A.D. Theater Director, Athens, Greece

Walking into a room where Azul is, you can see what her eyes must see: the colors and the shapes and how she juxtaposes them so they’re a map of what she envisions. Her graphics and visions are musical and she has a special talent for matching up one of the five senses to another of them in a way that I don’t experience with anyone else. She communicates in symbols – ordinary things that become magic when combined – like an opera aria being sung while you see an electric company repairing wires. That’s an image like many others that will stay with me my whole life.

- J. B. Writer, Staten Island, NY

Azul is a gifted healer. There is a calm confidence and maturity when Azul is performing ceremony and ritual.

- L. K. Scientist, Radnor, PA